Ever wandered around the produce aisles at the grocery store wondering what else you could feed
your horse as a treat instead of just carrots and apples? Well I have plenty of times. Finally I went
on a hunt to find a list of safe fruits and vegetables and unsafe ones too. So here are the fruits of
my labor. Please remember to remove pits from fruits such as peaches and cherries as they are
poisonous. And feed all foods in moderation, whether you have fed them to your horse before or
not. It is better to feed them a very small portion than a large one.


~ Apples
~ Apricots
~ Bananas
~ Beets
~ Blackberries
~ Blueberries
~ Carrots
~ Celery
~ Cherries
~ Coconut
~ Corn
~ Dates
~ Figs
~ Grapes
~ Grapefruit
~ Horseradish
~ Lettuce
~ Mangoes
~ Oranges
~ Peaches
~ Pears
~ Pineapple
~ Plums
~ Pumpkin
~ Raisins
~ Rutabagas
~ Squash
~ Strawberries
~ Sweet Potatoes
~ Tangerines
~ Turnips
~ Watermelon (both rind and pulp)
~ Sprouts such as alfalfa, wheat, and barley


~ Avocado
~ Onions
~ Potatoes
~ Persimmons
~ Rhubarb
~ Tomatoes
~ Any other members of the nightshade family which includes peppers
~ Broccoli or Cauliflower (may cause gas, which in turn may cause gas colic)

When in doubt, do NOT feed it!

We've had questions about not feeding avocados as some people have done so with no problems.
When researching it I found the
following article about avocados being poisonous to horses. After
reading it, I felt that it was enough to put avocados on the do not feed list.
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